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Engine Noise (timing chain?? or something more serious???)

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Engine Noise (timing chain?? or something more serious???)

    Hi Guys newbie here asking for some advice
    2007 Corsa D 1.4 is this a timing chain issue or something else

    Thank you in anticipation

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    I don't like diagnosing off a video clip as the sound doesn't tell you where it's coming from. However that doesn't sound like a timing chain to me. It might be - just that the video doesn't sound as they usually do. The timing chain usually rattles and that sounds more like a top end issue from the frequency of the noise.

    First thing I'd do is to take the camshaft cover off and check the tightness of the camshaft bolts - they've been known to work loose which usually results in a snapped camshaft. The other thing I've seen that made a noise like that was a follower that had jumped out of position (possibly due to the camshaft being loose?)

    Or get someone to listen to it 'in the flesh' - the noise might be anything to do with the pulley end of the engine - eg water pump or alternator or a tensioner - you really need to be able to listen to the car itself to be sure.
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      I think you may well be right stripped the cover off and checked all you suggested cant find any issues there. Whilst I was there I did a compression test on each of the cylinders in turn no 1 was 170, no2,no3 and no4 all up there at 210. Put some oil down the bore of no1 compression improved. So I'm thinking something more serious than timing chain looks like an engine out weekend for me then.............................