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  • [All Models] Navi 950 Infotainment System fault Quote

    Hello Everyone,

    My Navi 950 infotainment system is not functioning as it should. It has for the last 3 weeks been showing a permanent almost black screen, although everything seems to be working, radio etc but cannot see it displayed because the screen I s so dim. I can vaguely see it if the sun is shining through the rear window ...!. Had it into main dealer Lookers, who run a cash up front 79.99 diagnostics check and a 3 hour wait that came up with no result for the fault. They also had a technician pull the unit to check the connections, again with no result. According to Vauxhall it is something they have never encountered before. They say a new unit at the cost of 709.00 fitted, will be required as my car is out of warranty, it being a ‘63’ plate. I hope someone could help/ advise me on a remedy for this problem if possible please as the cost of a replacement seems nigh on impossible to afford.

    Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,


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    References:Navi 950 Infotainment System fault - Vauxhall Corsa E Forums
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