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Corsa LE 2016 1.4 90PS - clutch/ventilation/leak

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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Corsa LE 2016 1.4 90PS - clutch/ventilation/leak

    Hello Everyone,

    I’ve had my Corsa LE 2016 1.4 90PS for 6 months now. I bought it as an ex demo originally new in Jan 2017.

    Had quite a few issues including scratches, that eventually got repaired, and also some issues with the clutch, ventilation and a leak. Been literally back and forth between the dealership and myself and also Vauxhall since shortly after purchase, and have had some appealing customer service. I’m jist wondering if anyone has had or could let me know their thoughts on the outstanding issues I have, which are very odd:

    Clutch - it’s very juddery when getting the boring point and moving into first. Initially resulting in a lot of stalling, but now I’m more use to it just having to carefully lift it and move of slowly. It’s fine after first, going into second etc and acceleration is fine. The dealership say there’s nothing wrong, and that it’s fitted with an anti stall mechanism which kicks in if lifting too slow/fast. I can’t shake the feeling it’s not right for a new car, comparing it to a previous 1.2 Corsa as well as a CDTI Astra which felt much better.

    Also have an issue with the ventilation on warm and when set in the middle. Ac on and off. It was producing a horrible engine/heat type smell that was unbearable and i could only run on cold without the problem. Eventually the dealership have semi fixed it, saying it was excess wax under the bonnet and around the pipes. They cleaned most of it away to resolve but couldn’t get to some areas and so the issue still occurs occasionally to a lesser extent.

    Possibly linked to the ventilation issue, there is leak on the passenger side floor Diann from the AC pipes. Dealership have no idea but think it might be condensation from the AC pipe when switches between cold and warm.

    If anyone has similar issues or any ideas please let me know. I’m seriously disappointed to be having such weird issues with a car I’ve wanted for a while and finally got!

    Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,


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