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Heavy electronic power steering

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  • [All Models] Heavy electronic power steering

    Hey guys

    A other post for a friend. He has a limited edition corsa D 63 plate.

    His steering is quite heavy mine but since it not powered.via powering steering fluid. I was wondering if.anyone could shed some light on what could be the cause?


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    Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk

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    Have you compared your tyre pressures, preferably using the same gauge?.If his are significantly lower it can make a noticeable difference.

    Also a difference in tyre size, profile, make, quality or remaining tread depth or a different, heavier, engine might all have an affect when comparing cars ' back to back'.

    Unless someone is able to suggest a mechanical cause you could try a temporary swop of the front wheels between cars to see if it makes any difference.
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