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1.4 Design Automatic (Oil and Filter Change help)

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  • [All Models] 1.4 Design Automatic (Oil and Filter Change help)

    Good Afternoon,

    Total noob at this so please go easy on me.... I have a 1.4 5 Door Automatic, I tried to change the oil after watching a youtube tutorial to find that underneath the car looks completely different to what it looks like on the video. I also found out that you need a Torque key instead of an Alan Key is this right...? The oil filter housing is also really tight and can't get it off, don't want to damage it any advice on this too please?

    Thanks in advance


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    You'll need to give us some more information on the car, whats the year?
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      Told you I was a noob...

      It's a 59 plate, sorry


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        Ford plug is the right fitting, more resistant to spanner monkeys being ham fisted when tightening. The filter cap is a perfect example of what happens when said monkeys are let loose. Use a decent breaker bar and socket, apply pressure and then gently tap the business end of the bar. It's a bit like an impact wrench, lots of small taps can loosen an overtightened part with less damage than just applying brute force. It can help to get the engine warm if it's reluctant to budge.

        Only use good quality filters, cheap ones can distort and break up inside the housing.
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          You can look at buying a durable oil filter wremch. The claw wremch style looks pretty good to get it off.

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