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1.0 engine chugging and tapping

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 1.0 engine chugging and tapping

    hi all, i have just finished replacing a head gasket and timing chain on a 2010 corsa 1.0 with 70000 on the clock. reason being the front chain guide had broken in half causing the timing to be lost etc. to fix i fitted a new timing chain, upon doing this i discovered that the head gasket had gone, so i fitted another along the process i followed the timing instructions to the T. i used the timing kit that was suggested, i made sure the far left cylinder (assuming its cylinder 1) was at tdc, i placed the bar in the slots on the ends of the cams (they would only go in one way), i also put the black bar/plug in the bottom to keep the engine from rotating. now once i reassembled the engine chugs and it has a mysterious ticking noise on the left handside. when i was reassembling i poured the recommended oil on the cams as suggested.

    can anyone shed any light on the two issues im still facing?

    engine chugging and tapping/ticking noise

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    Did you check the valves when the head was off. If the guide broke it's possible for the cam timing to slip. They can slip only a few degrees before there is piston to valve contact. It sounds like a bent valve to me.
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      When i took off the cam cover and spun the engine i noticed that the cams never lined up. Thats due to the chain im sure. I then took a spanner to rectify the rear camshaft to line up with the front (which was ok). Once i had the head off and i had a look at the valves they looked ok, but that is a weak point of mine as my knowledge is very limited. i gave them a clean whilst still assembled as i didnt have the spring compressor to remove them. there werent any score marks or dents or signs of impact on the cylinder heads or the valves though.

      how long should it take for the lifters (if any) to refill with oil?

      do you think the chugging has anything to do with egr valve? if so can these be cleaned?

      sorry for the questions, thank you for your time.


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        The lifters should fill within a couple of seconds. EGR valves can be cleaned, use a new gasket when replacing. The best thing I've found is the cleaning spray used for powerboat engines - Quicksilver Powertune is the stuff I use. Johnson/Evinrude do a similar product. It's like carb cleaner on steroids, it shifts much nothing else will touch.

        If you spun the engine with cams not lined up then I'm pretty sure you will have some bent valves. They are not a clearance engine so you shouldn't be able to rotate the engine unless the valves are in sync with the pistons.

        The valves are small in narrow ports so the usual valve spring compressors don't fit. You need a kit with narrow heads - I have a set for motorcycle engines which just fits the Corsa head. If you get stuck I can let you know the measurements. The usual trick to check the valves is to turn the head upside down and pour petrol into closed valve chambers. It ought not to leak out past the valves. If it does either the valves are worn or more usually bent.
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          hello its me again. ok so ive taken the car all apart again. upon initial inspection the valves all look ok. there is no scoring or signs of impact on the cylinder heads. ive included some pics in hopes that you could maybe spot something im overlooking.Click image for larger version

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            Those cam sprockets don't look new on the photo. Always fit new sprockets when replacing the chain.

            To check the valves rotate the cams to close all 4 valves on a cylinder, then turn the head over and pour petrol into the combustion chamber. It shouldn't leak past the valves.
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              ok so there is a bit of a mix up. which valves are bigger? the inlet valves or the exhaust valves on a 1.0 ecoflex 2010 corsa d?


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                Inlet valves are on the back of the head. Exhaust on the front.
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