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Corsa 1.0 ecoflex 2010 boiling coolant

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa 1.0 ecoflex 2010 boiling coolant

    Hi there,

    We have a 1.0 Ecoflex Corsa (2010) that is having some cooling issues.

    Some time ago I noticed the heaters were not working and on inspection there was very little coolant present. The car was due its service and was checked for leaks while there. None were found. The coolant was replaced and for some time (3 months) was fine. However now on occasions after driving, sometimes for as little as 30 minutes, the coolant can be seen to be boiling and shooting out of the header tank. It does not happen on every occasion. I can only assume that the first time I noticed the heaters not working and subsequently found the coolant empty was due to this boiling away issue. The car has been back to the garage and they cannot find any faults having checked for leaks, signs of internal damage/oil, sensors, pumps etc etc

    My only idea therefore is the cap is intermittently sealing, perhaps each time the coolant is replaced and the cap tightened, but then works free while driving and therefore eventually does not pressurise the system as it should leading to the coolant boiling away as the pressure is lost. We can't check the temperature of the engine as there is no temperature gauge in the car. It is very basic!

    Does this seem reasonable or is there something else it could be?

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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    If you think that it is the header cap I would recommend first thing to replace is the expansion tank and cap as the tank may have damaged threads causing this maybe not 100% sure will have a reply to this very soon after speaking to my friend who is also a mechanic

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      Just spoke to a friend who used to be a Vauxhall technician he suggests that your problem lies behind a failed head gasket

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        The caps can fail but it's usually pretty obvious and easy to check anyway. There is a common issue with all the chain driven engines in that there is a weak seal behind the water pump which is part of the timing cover gasket. That can distort allowing the coolant to leak into the oil. Usual signs are coolant loss, overheating and emulsion in the oil.

        When the timing cover seal fails the symptoms are virtually identical to HG failure so the two are often confused, and - since the engines are very very intolerant of overheating the seal failure usually leads to HG failure due to the head distorting and crushing the head gasket. HG failure will lead to the coolant system pressurising when cold, coolant dripping from the exhaust (look for the colour of coolant as clear water is normal from a cool exhaust) and combustion gases being detected in the coolant. A leaking timing cover seal doesn't do these things. You just get coolant loss, oil emulsion and overheating.

        You can check the engine temperature using the information display - the following is the usual way to activate the system - you need to have the radio switched on for it to work:

        Hold the setting button for a few seconds the radio will go off for a second thn press the bc button to scroll the hidden menu the page you want has the temp with a T in bottom right corner nine presses I think.

        Just to add to above - after pressing the BC button you will hear a tiny beep when the menu can be accessed so keep holding the button

        Also worth noting you will have to repeat this process everytime you restart the car if you wish to access the secret menu

        It will not stay permanantly on on the temp for example, and will return to original date/time etc

        Sens = external temp
        V = speed on km/h
        T = engine temp
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