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EPS column refit panic!

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] EPS column refit panic!

    Hi all i'm new to the forum and really hoping for some helpful knowledge from someone !?
    its a corsa c 51 plate sxi with an adjustable eps column , ive had to remove it due to a broken tab where clutch pedal meets push rod to master . What an effing mission!! I have removed all and am waiting on a pedal > Now my issue/question , I didn't lock the tilt on the column or the steering lock after turning the wheel to access the shaft pinch bolt but did scribe a mark to realign the two , oh also in my haste I didn't straighten the wheels so they are slightly turned . Ive since read a guide that told me to do all of these things the opposite of what ive done! My question is , will I have trouble refiting and will the eps sensor go wonky on me if ive accidently turned the wheel through 360 degrees after removal . I'm sorry if my question is rambling but my head is fried with this , I'm reasonably mechanically competent (must be to have got this far!) thanks in advance for any help or advice anyone can provide on the topic . Owen
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