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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Possible Steering Problem

    2005 Corsa C 1.0 litre

    So - ye probably know from my other postings that I had a bit of a crash with the Corsa.

    I have been a little suspect of the steering even before the crash.

    When I have the engine on and thus the electric Power steering is running and I then rock the wheel just very slightly, it makes a little knocking noise.

    When stationary or I am driving, the steering wheel feels 'imprecise' (the best way I have of expressing it) or that there is a little play in it. When the engine is off though, the wheel feels ok.

    I put the car on the stands and moved the steering wheel only as slightly as I could and the movement seems to be transmitted to the wheels though admittedly it is sometimes difficult to ascertain this when the steering wheel movement is minute.

    On a couple of occasions, I just thought that the car was going to skid on me again.

    Is there a common fault on these with the rack and pinion or otherwise?

    It passed the NCT (MOT) in Jan 16 and did very little since

    Is it possible to repair the internal parts of the rack and pinion? I see repair kits for other makes of car.

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    You'll know the usual issues with the EPS on these, it might be worth checking because if no play was found at the NCT/MOT then weird steering inputs could be the EPS playing up.

    A small knocking when rocking the wheel suggests a bit of play somewhere. It can take only a tiny amount for it to make a noise, so little you probably wouldn't spot it with a manual check. Places that go first are the track rod ends or the joint between the track rod and the main rack. They can also develop play in the column joints or bushes.

    It could also be somewhere else is the suspension of course.

    If a car feels like it's going to skid then it can be tyres or steering geometry. I had some cheap old tyres on my runabout and they were hilarious in the wet. Loads of tread but the compound had gone hard.

    Repair kits - sorry, I've not come across one.
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      Thanks Taurus.

      Is there some way to check the EPS? is it possible with opcom??

      The steering geometry was not checked after the crash so could look at that for a start.

      I take it that is the same as the alignment?

      Will check out other parts of the steering.

      Good tip about the hard compound despite adequate tread.


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        I'll pm you some info - bit long to post here.
        1972 Viva restoration thread -


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          I'll pm you some info - bit long to post here. It will be in sections due to the word limit allowed.
          1972 Viva restoration thread -


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            Thanks Taurus,

            I will take a read of it and come back to you.