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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Annoyance :-(

    Happened on Thursday. A skid happened out of nowhere.
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    What did you hit? A skid doesn't generally happen for no reason...

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      Ouch. Fortunately they are pretty easy to put straight again in that area.
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        Originally posted by Taurus View Post
        Ouch. Fortunately they are pretty easy to put straight again in that area.
        I am just going on my way now to get some parts.

        The press piece which is around the light (driver side) and is welded to the car also got it.

        I am going to have to drill out the welds and put in a replacement from another corsa.

        Do you think that would be successful?

        There are a number of bolts holding this part in as well as four spot welds (I think)

        Wwas going slow - about 30 mph. it has just rained a little after a long dry spell. I had just completed a not very sharp bend. It started to skid out on the back. I tried to correct one way and then the other . It fishtailed and went over the wrong side into a dyke and hit the ditch at 90 degrees to the road

        An oncoming car luckily must have seen what was happening and stopped at a distance from me - otherwise I would have hit him.


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          It could have been the Dick Van Dyke. But not a van or a dick. Sorry, no offence intended. I have been caught out by rain after a long dry spell more than once. Its a particular problem in town where rubber,oil drips etc build up.. Maybe you dont get long dry spells very often in Ireland!

          If a pressed steel plate has been distorted you may find that whatever it is welded/bolted to was also distorted by the impact. When you offer up the undamaged replacement you might find the bolt holes, drilled out spot welds etc will not quite line up. I dont suppose it will be by much and you can maybe pull it back into alignment by brute force, using a car jack and bracing etc.

          I once got a distorted bonnet slam plate back into alignment by simply tying a rope around it and a tree and carefully reversing the car. IIRC the bonnet was also slightly distorted and by doing it with the bonnet shut it pulled both the slam plate/catch area and the bonnet back into reasonable shape at the same time.
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            Put all the parts on but the left hand side is still out

            Is there a trick in adjusting the bonnet?

            I cant get the bonnet to shut - that pressed piece on the right (from perspective of driver seat) is causing a lot of problems


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              On many cars the bonnet catch and even the sprung plunger thing on the bonnet itself are adjustable with elongated bolt holes.

              But I've just had a look on my Corsa D and that doesnt seem to be the case and may be the same on other corsas. Indeed the whole part that spans the car looks like it may be even be a rigid plastic. So my pulling against a tree trick would not work!

              Normally the bolt holes where you bolt the bonnet to its hinges are elongated to allow for some adjustment of the bonnet fore and aft and to get the shut lines correct. Could adjusting this be enough to solve the problem?

              .If you cant see how well the plunger and catch might be aligning try taping a piece of paper across the hole, then dobbing something such as grease on the springy plunger bit and gently touching it on to the paper.

              It may be possible to get the bonnet to self align by loosening off these bolts just enough that when you shut the bonnet it will slide,or can be pursuaded,into the correct alignment. and then tighten them up.

              If this does not solve it I cant be specific. I cant really visualise which part may be causing the problem. Is it adjustable in any way with elongated holes? (or can be made so?) A tiny difference here might make a big difference to the 'aim' of the bonnet catch 'hole'.
              Is there a part on the other side of the car that is an exact mirror image where you could take measurements to check alignments,or another car you can use as a reference?
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                Yes, I saw the adjustment of the bonnet spring (on the bonnet itself) - you just unscrew it (not tight) and can move it around a little but not too much.

                In this case to no avail. I think the crossmember with the strike plate/bonnet release is tilted too much - due to the welded assembly behind the light. The light is also tight in its aperture.

                I will replace it and see how it goes

                The right side is out along the seam between bonnet and wing as a result.

                here a pic of the welded part (by the way the air con 'radiator' /evaporator got a bash but still have pressure on the system and it worked on the way home today :-) )

                below left and right side (as seen from driver's seat) of bonnet in relation to wing
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                    Thanks for taking the time to write such a comprehensive insight.

                    I did think and hope that there is not more structural damge. I did look briefly but the the monocoque seems ok. No paint cracking or other such disturbance.

                    I will have a better look. I did hear there is an alignmet tool to check the monocoque/chassis but i assume this is a main dealer or even a very specialist job

                    The wing panels are not damaged but the presses piece in the pic above has pushed something in this area. I need to get a better look.

                    The drivers side panel is all the way in at that in the pic

                    The crash was not at such high speed but that is not to say that there is not more damage.

                    I went back to the crash site today and recovered my number palte and also the little blue cap that covers the towing eye in the bumper
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                      No problem. It was that or the strimming. I failed my brevity exams. Not enough time or paper.

                      Full laser alignment to manufacturers specs is a serious bit of kit and a lot of body shops have to sub it out to specialists. But they usually have the hydraulic rams, pullers,spreaders etc to do stuff that only needs to be near enough.

                      I think you're probably right, once youve had a good look and figured out whats wrong it may well be a simple bit of pulling,pushing and bashing.Using ingenuity. As Archimedes said "give me a firm spot on which to stand and I will move the earth"

                      I'd be interested to know what was wrong and how you fixed it. If you know what needs moving but not sure how you could post a picture with direction arrows and I will have a ponder and may be able to suggest something.

                      Have you seen the hilarious Peugeot 206 'India' advert? It gives some good ideas on reshaping bodywork. If you dont have an elephant a cow might do.
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                        That ad used to run on TV here many years ago.

                        I will soon be like that guy

                        I have not got back to it but will keep you informed

                        thanks so far