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Water leak in drivers footwell

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Water leak in drivers footwell

    I've got a problem with water getting into the driver's footwell. Looking into it, it seems to be a common problem around the bulkhead.

    I've removed the brake servo and removed all the old sealant and then resealed it again with a waterproof sealant. After that, I applied some underseal over the top around the bulkhead. I also put some sealant around the brake servo but didn't actually replace the old gasket as I didn't have the part.

    The problem is, the car is still leaking water. When testing with a watering can on the right side of the servo, water still seems to be dripping inside. Inside the car, there are two locations where it drips in. One is just behind the clutch and the other is just to the right of the brake pedal.

    I've redone this three times now but the damn thing still drips water inside. Any ideas?

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    cannot remember where i saw it on the internet but there was some guy who did a lot of these and he would come and do yours for you (in the UK). Have a search - I think it was on a blog somewhere

    I have a leak in the back and damned if I can find it - water often it comes in one place and appears in another.

    The footwell one is common enough - maybe the surfaces need to be totally clean of old sealant in order for the parts to interface in a watertight matter.


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      I had one a while back that was leaking both back and front. The back was easy, there was a kink in the tailgate seal. The front was a right royal pain. It would be sealed for a while then leak again from somewhere else. I'm convinced it wasn't the usual brake servo that was leaking but the guy then sold the car before I got to the bottom of it. Stating the obvious - make sure all the drains and vents are clear because water backing up in the scuttle will find other ways through the bulkhead.

      What sealant did you use? It needs to be pretty flexible because the body flexes more than you realise so anything that sets hard will crack.
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        Found this very informative blog earlier today as i have the same issue:

        Cars, code and other fun stuff: Corsa C water leak challenge.
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          I am far from mechanically minded, but am relatively confident with most DIY around the house, so had a go at this myself at the weekend

          After stripping out the scuttle, removing some plastic trims around the pedals and door sills, i pulled back the carpet and carried out a water test - sure enough, water running in from behind the plate right behind the pedals.

          The servo seal repair is beyond my capability so a friend is heling me out this weekend, however stripping out the interior was quite a challenge, but made easier with the blog i posted previously.

          With the glorious sun out all day sunday the carpets are almost dry - so i put the seats back in to keep the car driveable until i can get the seal replaced at the weekend.

          Anyone know where i can get the seal from or is it Vauxhall only ?



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