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driveshafts, ecus, and wiring.....v6

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] driveshafts, ecus, and wiring.....v6

    i'm Andy and am hoping a few people might be able to offer some valuable information to help. To give you some background, I was originally trained as multiskilled engineer, so I know my way around mechanical and electrical systems, I have for the past 6 years worked as a software architect/programmer, so I am not afraid to get stuck into the computer control side either.
    With regard to cars, I have done a number of engine swaps and cenversions before, but these have mainly been on older (classic mini) cars, often without paired devices and immobilisers etc.

    I currently have a 2003 Corsa 1.2 which is absolutely fine, just been through its MOT, and is used almost daily, it is however not my main car, and was actually given to me to 'do something with' :-)
    I also have an X25XE V6 from a Vectra GSi, it has the G-cams and is sat on its original subframe with the gearbox, rads, full engine loom, ecu, driveshafts, hubs, wishbones and shocks, manifolds, key and barrel with the chip reader all still attached.

    I am perfectly ok with the physical issues of getting the engine into the space, bulkhead cutting, engine mounts etc. But the areas I would like to get some information on (if at all possible) are:

    1) Gearbox/flywheel - do I keep the original v6 setup, or am I better trying to find a different flywheel/clutch, or different gearbox?

    2) Driveshafts and hubs, do I keep the v6 setup? do I need custom driveshafts? What parts from what cars should I mate together to make the right setup?

    3) Wiring, I am sure this is a case of getting the wiring diagrams for the corsa and the vectra and matching them together, but do I need to be concerned about different voltages, signals and protocols etc? Al;so what do I do about which ecu, key and barrel etc to use? Will I have issues with the instrument cluster not being coded to the ECU?

    4) OPcom/Vauxcom/OBD - there isnt an OBD port with the engine loom, so I guess the existing corsa port will remain. Am I still going ot be able to use OPcom or any diagnostic tool with a combination of corsa body and Vectra engine/ecu? and again how does this affect immobilisers and key coding for central locking etc?

    The final thing is, I know its not an easy swap, and I know I would be better buying a car that already has a better engine, I know it not as powerful as an LET, I know its not worth the effort, but, I like doing these sort of things, and I have the car and engine sat there. Not trying to offend, just thought Id get it out of the way :-)

    Of course if there is anything I can help with, let me know, happy to do a build diary on it all too.

    Many Thanks, (sorry it was a long one)