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2002 1L Corsa C cranks but won't start.

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 2002 1L Corsa C cranks but won't start.

    Hi guys. I'm having an issue with my Corsa at the moment. It turns over fine but it won't start, not even a splutter.I drove the car fine on Wednesday without any problems but now I'm getting nothing from it.

    I've done the pedal test and no new codes have come up except for the rear 02 sensor which has been a problem for about a week but not affected the car starting. I can also hear the fuel pump whirring when I first turn the key as usual.

    When I had a look the pipe coming from the airbox was really loose but I've tightened that and left the battery disconnected for a little while just in case . I don't have much in the way of tools so I can't pull spark plugs.

    Is there anything else I can try or any ideas? Thank you

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    Gonna say it's probably your crank sensor failed. Just google (engine cranks but won't start) there is loads of info on possible causes to non starting engines. My mate had a similar issue last year, he changed the crank sensor and it started up on the first turn of the key.

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      I saw that quite a few times when I was researching but thought I'd ask here for opinions too.

      Had it replaced a couple of years ago after it throwing a code and the car cutting out while driving. But at least it's cheap.


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        Easy way to check if the crank sensor is working. When you first turn the fuel pump relay is activated by the ECU to give a priming run so there will be fuel pressure at the rail. Then it stops until the crank sensor tells the ECU that the engine is turning. If the crank sensor fails the fuel pump relay won't activate on cranking - so there will be no pressure at the fuel rail after cranking.

        So give the engine a 5 second crank, then remove the black plastic cap on the fuel rail and press the centre pin on the valve. Fuel ought to spray out under pressure - so be careful! If no pressure then chances are it's the crank sensor. They do eat them for breakfast.

        Other ways to tell are to check that the plugs are wet with fuel - but you'd need a plug socket of course. Or sniff the tailpipe after cranking. It ought to smell of unburnt fuel.

        Disconnecting the battery does nothing on any Corsa ECU except the old 8v engines.
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          Awesome, thanks guys I'll try that when I get the chance.

          Thanks for the information Taurus,very helpful!


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            Got battery on charge moment and haven't had chance to have a proper test because of it but I tried cranking it for a few seconds while my little jump starter allowed. Testing the fuel rail I am getting some pressure, not a huge amount but I guess that's expected when I haven't been able to turn it over properly.

            I plugged in the ELM327 and opened up torque, I don't seem to be getting anything from the MAF sensor. I'm not sure if I would get a reading while it was turning over or not . I had nothing from the fuel pressure dial either but I'm not sure if that's normal because I've never used the app with the car in a running state so I don't know what to expect.

            Thanks for the help


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              I've had similar and had the crankshaft sensor changed. Was getting faults 1482 fan and 0230 fuel pump relay and got new relays. These are still coming up. Mine starts after an hour rest but then cuts out a little while later or just turns over. I'm now getting 1616! A friend said it could be a crud issue. Very confused. I only passed my test a few weeks ago after two years of lessons. I've already spent a couple of hundred above what I bought it for and it's still doing it. I've had one very short return in it and twice had tows from the RAC. Been well and truly stitched up. My neighbour who is usually good with cars did a test drive when we got it and it seemed ok. All my savings are gone and if I sell it it will be a very long time before I can think about getting another car. Another summer stuck get. But I'm learning