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Oil warning light on Corsa automatic 1.4 Energy A/C

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  • [All Models] Oil warning light on Corsa automatic 1.4 Energy A/C

    The Oil warning light keeps showing on my Corsa automatic 1.4 Energy A/C.

    The car is less than 12 months old. I spoke to the dealer/garage and they said, it should be ok for another month, and since my first annual service is booked in for end of next week - Friday 07/04/2017, I should be fine.

    I am quite concerned by this. Has the dealer/garage given me good and safe advice, or do I need to get it looked at more urgently? I do not want to invalidate my warranty by just ignoring it.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    I would say that was bad,unsafe advice. You say you 'spoke' to the garage/dealer. Has the car actually been in and been inspected by a mechanic and the oil pressure actually measured? Although the oil light might be faulty you have to assume its working correctly and is indicating a major problem. Possibly low oil pressure which may be due to a significant lack of oil, or a mechanical problem with oil pump,other wear, blockage etc. etc. These can cause a wrecked engine in seconds, not just in a week. Or worse still an engine that is severely damaged, but lasts long enough to be outside the warranty period,but not much longer.

    I wouldnt even drive that car to the garage unless its checked first or they can explain exactly why its known to be ok. If its under a year old and under warranty I would demand they tow it in. As a general rule its not advisable to drive a car showing a red warning light.
    Orange ones may be ok.

    Have you checked the oil level btw? A brand new engine sometimes uses significantly more oil than one thats bedded in. They only contain 3 litres or so of oil, so if you have done a lot of miles since it left the factory or was last serviced this could be a factor.If the consumption is within parameters and you havent kept it topped up between services this may not be covered by the warranty.If low oil level is found to be the cause they might charge for any tow. If may be better to check for yourself first. if it is due to low oil level, and milege covered is consistant then maybe topping up with half a litre of oil or so will be enough to drive in for a service but its your call.
    With very low oil level you sometimes find the oil light comes on when you go round corners. The little oil left surges to the side of the sump on cornering and the oil pick up pipe is momentarily starved. Although you should never let it get this low, it may not do any lasting damage if you top up immediately.
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