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Newbie a bit of modding advice 1.4 SRI

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Newbie a bit of modding advice 1.4 SRI

    Hey guys, just registered to this forum as my other half has got a nice bright red 2013 Corsa SRI 1.4

    I drive a Volvo and do a few track days and hopping into the Corsa, not only does it look quite nice but the handling is impeccable! The only problem with it is the performance ... there isnt any.

    I was wondering if you guys know some nice mods to pop on to give it something extra, wont be lowering it any further as the handling is good enough but was wanting to try and give it a little bit extra power to work with.

    Apologies if this topic has been covered already (Im sure it has) but I was struggling to find it.

    Any suggestions would be amazing.
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    Is the 1.4 Naturally Aspirated or Turbocharged?
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      its Naturally Aspirated


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        Without spending big money you wont see a massive improvement in performance.
        You could get a remap, but on a N/A petrol engine the gains aren't too impressive, usually (sometimes) around 10% increase.
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