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What is this part called? What is it for?

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] What is this part called? What is it for?

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    I have a Corsa C 1.0 2001 with Z10XE engine code. The car on the pic is not mine.

    The part highlighted in my car makes a ticking noise. I think it starts making that noise when I drive for a longer period.

    Also another problem I have is that the car's idle drops to around 500-600 rpm when I come to a sudden stop and press the clutch and the brakes. I already changed the MAF sensor and the EGR valve. IAC valve or Throttle body maybe gummed up? How should I clean those? Are they electronically operated (not with the old fashioned cable to gas pedal) and if so do they need extra precautions at cleaning?

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    The part highlighted is part of the fuel vapour control. It pumps fuel vapour into a charcoal canister under the wing which ardent later fed into the engine to burnt, thereby preventing hydrocarbons from being released into the environment. The ticking is usual as the pump operates.

    The idle is controlled by the ecu, it's a fly by wire system. The engine breathes crank fumes into the throttle body so they get gummed up, a spray with carb cleaner usually does the trick.
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