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Loss of power and going into idle mode

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Loss of power and going into idle mode

    My W reg B series 2000 Corsa has had a new MAF sensor last month and a new lambda sensor a few days ago. Got to work ok yesterday but on the way home I had the familiar judder when I had to slow for a bend then tried to accelerate out of it. Hit about 30mph and engine management light came on. Had to go down to 2nd then steadily accelerate again and hit the revs to get through the gears. Other than that he's running fine. Any ideas and rough estimate of costs etc if possible? Might no longer be economical to run if this issue continues He's getting the new parts and I'm getting more grey hairs ...

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    Three things I'd ask:
    When did it last have a full service?
    What fault code(s) are present?
    Was the new MAF a genuine item or an aftermarket part? Non genuine MAFs are known to be unreliable.
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      Never had a service in the 6 years I've had him. Not sure of fault codes but last time codes were read it indicated the 02 sensor which was recently replaced. As far as I know it was a new MAF sensor. New spark plugs fitted this morning. Garage thinks might be induction problem ie a leak?


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        Never had a service in 6 years....and you're asking us why it isn't running very well!

        New MAF sensor doesn't mean it was a genuine one. In fact it's almost certainly not unless you specified you wanted a genuine item. Aftermarket MAFs are worse than useless. Get a genuine MAF. Get it properly serviced.

        O2 codes are usually caused by fuelling issues rather than a fault O2 sensor so that was probably a waste of time and money given the service history - or lack thereof.
        1972 Viva restoration thread -