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2009 EcoFlex larger wheels/Rolling Diameter

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 2009 EcoFlex larger wheels/Rolling Diameter

    rd is too low, and 4th

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    Hi , I cannot advise on whether it is a good idea to increase rolling diameter or by how much. My own car , a 2010 1.3 cdti ,75 bhp diesel feels a bit over geared for my needs.Especially in second, But I do a lot of chugging up muddy and icy tracks,less high speed overtakes.
    I'm on 185/70 R14 steels . I think your tyres are already over 1% bigger rolling diameter than mine which is strange as both sizes are listed for the car.

    There are many tire/wheel size comparison sites. Here's one Tyre Size Calculator
    Based on your tyre size, staying with 15 inch wheels - 205/60R15 +0.8%
    195/65R15 +2%
    215/60R15 +2.9%

    Its just a personal opinion but I think my own car would be a bit of a pig in slow moving traffic using 1st and second, if the diameter was increased too much, even if it improved higher speed gearing. But maybe the extra power from remapping would make up for that.

    But, as you do quite a few miles have you considered getting an extra set of rims and a set of winter tyres? Decent quality euro winter ones are ok at motorway speeds. You could go up on diameter on those to see how things go . If things are not ideal, at least you have not experimented by buying the wrong summer tyres. You then have a set of winter wheels and tyres, which helps protect your alloys from salt etc , and puts less miles on your summer ones.

    If they are not quite right they may be acceptable for a few weeks in the very worst weather. If you absolutely hate them or the size is totally wrong they may be easier to sell second hand (next winter) than a set of 'rejected' summer tyres.

    Another advantage of having winter tyres on rims, apart from their improved performance when temperatures are below +7 is they could save you having to buy new tyres when you sell the car.

    If your summer tyres are nearing the legal limit, and you are thinking of selling the car soon,but not immediately ,fit the winter tyres until the car is ready to go
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      Thanks Bugman, that site was interesting, with me working out from it that 16" wheels with 185/65 tyres should give me the gearing that I think will be far better for the car, especially after the remap.

      Is yours a 6 speed box? Mine's a 5 speed and it feels way under geared, with any spirited acceleration off the mark breaking traction in first, even in the dry, with 2nd also being a bit too low and 3rd too high for Edinburgh's new 20 mph speed limit that seems to be spreading fast, I think the 16" with 185/65 section tyres should be spot on, all I need to do now is find the wheels that will fit...


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        I'm 5 speed. My Yaris 1.4 diesel is a lot more flexible in second but its probably an unfair comparison. The yaris is 90bhp, a lot lighter and ,erm, not a 1.3cdti

        But you might need to trade off some low speed tractability for longer legs.

        Good luck. I would be interested to know how you get on.