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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Tyre pressure instrument warning message

    So the Driver Information Centre (the display behind the steering wheel) helpfully advised that the tyre pressure was low, pointing to the appropriate tyre.

    1. I assume that the numeric value showing that was showing next to the arrow, is in "pounds per square inch (psi)" pressure?
    2. The sticker in the door frames shows the recommended tyre pressure in kilopascals. This is because we're leaving Europe?
    3. After manually inflating the tyre with my pump, the display message now shows "Check tyre pressure" (no number shows). What am I checking for? See image.

    Click image for larger version

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    What pressure did you pump it up to? And what are you pumping it up with?

    Most digital compressors are reasonably accurate but some footsteps are way out. It may be overinflated
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      I used a bicycle foot-pump, and pumped it to about 34, though it could have been a touch more. I'll try letting out some of the air. Just thought that if it could tell me that it was under-inflated, it would tell me if it was over-inflated.


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        I have yet to suffer the delights of monitored tyre pressures. I believe there is some form of resetting procedure so the ecu calibrates. It should show this in the handbook.

        Each tyre valve has a transponder that communicates tyre pressure variations to the ecu. When tyre pressure is changed the ecu has 'learn' the new value. I believe some cars can do this themselves if you follow a procedure, but others may need to be reset by a garage, or tyre fitter.

        I dont know but its possible the ecu is confused by the new pressure that may be very different to the other 3 wheels .Or the system needs resetting in some way.

        If you have lost significant pressure on one tyre you should get it checked anyway for a leak.

        Kilopascals has nothing to do with europe. It is the international metric measure, used by every country in the world except the USA. The uk only clings to psi in the same way some people still think in feet and inches or fahrenheit. Most pressure gauges show both. (Kilopascals are often expressed in 'bars',typically around 2.0 bars)

        I'm not looking forward to my first car with tyre pressure monitors. They are expensive things to sort out.
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