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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 'Hidden' Odometer reading

    So Corsa C 2005 one litre

    140600 km on the clock.

    When I press and hold the trip odometer button long enough (5 - 10 seconds) I obtain a 'hidden' odometer reading.

    Namely 31.1 on the trip odometer and 016329 on the main odometer. when I release the button , the 'normal' reading of 140600 reappears

    The 'hidden' reading does not increase when I drive as I checked it again when I got home

    Anyone know what this reading is or where it is coming from?

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    I've read that it's the software code for the clocks, but can't find any solid evidence. Does the number change at all after a drive? If it doesn't then probably software code


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      Legend has it that in the late 1920's, when Europe was still fearful of German military ambitions, a small oddly shaped vehicle was stopped by British security forces travelling at excess speeds.

      The single occupant of the vehicle claimed he'd reached a speed of 88 miles per hour, which was dismissed by the military analysts who did believe that so small a vehicle could attain such speed.

      Apparently he'd pushed a button he was never meant to push and activated a device of unknown origin.

      The date was 16th March 1929.

      Neither the vehicle or its occupant were ever heard of again.
      1972 Viva restoration thread -


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        A bit like Volkswagen. No one believed their engines could achieve such low emissions . Then someone pushed a button they were never meant to push and de-activated a device of unknown origin!


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          Originally posted by jt999 View Post
          I've read that it's the software code for the clocks, but can't find any solid evidence. Does the number change at all after a drive? If it doesn't then probably software code
          stays the same


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            Hi Zuluman,

            Did you get any joy resolving the hidden odometer reading?

            The reason I ask is I have exactly the same issue, mine shows when I'm trying to reset my "service indicator". I assumed this was the mileage remaining to the next service but obviously, I've passed that.

            It all started when I serviced the car at it's 20k mile mark, I reset the service indicator as per normal procedure,

            Ign Off
            Press & Hold reset button
            Foot on brake
            Ign on
            Wait for Inspection to stop flashing
            20000 miles came up.

            All seemed fine for a few days and then one morning I switched on the Ign and the Inspection Light came on with Zero Miles Remaining. I went to reset it and lo and behold I had this odd figure of 22868 and 107.1!!!
            I got out my Op-Com and went into the module "reset the service indicator" and in the mileage value is the current mileage of, 24606 and that same figure is in the "next service due" box and below it is the "days remaining".

            Now I can alter both the days remaining value to 365 or whatever and miles to the next service, say 20000 miles for example. But when I return to my dashboard the figures haven't changed from 22868 and 107.1
            And when I go back into Op-Com the values to the next service have reverted back to the current mileage 24606.

            The other odd thing is that whilst the days remaining to the next service continues to decrease the mileage to the next service always shows the current mileage that's on the speedo. I cannot reset my service indicator now, either on the clocks or with Op-Com.

            I think the "hidden odometer" reading Zuluman may be your service indicator mileage.

            So, when I check how long to the next service by pressing the odometer button, I'm stuck with a Service Indicator Reading of 22868 & 107.1 and in Op Com it shows the current mileage of the car. Whilst it will allow me to alter it, and it allows me to programme it, it will always revert back to the current mileage reading.!!!

            I would love to know what's happened and how to clear it, so if any of you techies out there can shed any light I would be extremely grateful.

            By the way, the car is a

            Tigra Twin Top
            1.4 ltr
            24606 miles


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              Sorry but I did not find out yet