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1.7 CDTI - Won't rev past 3k RPM, and poor throttle responsiveness in 2nd gear 1-2k RPM

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  • [Corsa D] 1.7 CDTI - Won't rev past 3k RPM, and poor throttle responsiveness in 2nd gear 1-2k RPM

    I recently bought a diesel Corsa 1.7 CDTI from a second hand dealer in wales. After the first 500 miles I have noticed the following symptoms; 1) On start-up (cold start) the car struggles to pull in second gear between 1-2k RPM 2) When motorway driving, the car will sometimes slip into limp mode and will not surpass 3k RPM. This can be quite dangerous is moving to overtake. I have searched the internet relentlessly for a solution to this issues have been identified as one of 3 potential things; 1) Faulty MAF sensor - Bought electrical contact cleaner, and then used an OBD sensor to collect data and plot air mass flow vs rpm. This correlated almost exactly.. so I doubt this is the issue. 2) Faulty EGR value - This was replaced before I purchased the car, so Im hoping this is not the issue but I have read that blanking the EGR can improve performance in the scenario I have on a cold start. 3) Cracked hose tubing between the turbo & intercooler In respect of issue 3, I found that the connection between the turbo manifold (component 48) and the hose leading to the intercooler (component 32) appeared not to create a perfect seal when revving. This joint is not air tight under acceleration, and component 32 moves back and forwards roughly 1-3mm. Should this connection have zero give, or is what I have in the video below normal? I have seen a video online that states that once component 32 it removed from 48 - its not possible to reattach it with a successful seal. Video below - is this true? Has anyone had any experience with this? How would I go about tightening the seal.. or do I need to replace the whole of component 32? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    As I don't have a manual for your model, I can't really understand what items 48 and 32 are, but obviously this should be air-tight.
    Is the car anything like due for a FULL service? (not the sort of 'service that second hand car dealers give)
    I ask this question because it could make a world of difference if basic things like the air cleaner element and the fuel filter are in good order.
    Are there any fault codes coming up?

    Happy new year