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Engine emission warning light and running rough

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Engine emission warning light and running rough

    Hello allI have a 2006 Corsa 1.2 and recently when driving home the engine emission light and service vevehicle warning light started flashing.My friend had his mechanic put a fault code reader on and the fault came up as a misfire on one of the cylinders. I have changed all the plugs and the coil pack,the service light has disappeared but I still have the emission warning light on. The car lacks power and is hesitant up to about 2000 revs. Idle is fairly constant although it does sound noisier than usual. Any suggestions ?

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    If you've changed the plugs and coil pack the next step is to swap the injectors round - see if the misfire follows an injector or if it stays with the same cylinder. You need to read the codes again and find which cylinder is affected, clear the codes, swap the injectors around, then check the codes again.

    Check the exhaust isn't leaking anywhere since that will throw the lambda system out which will in turn affect fuelling.

    A problem I've come across occasionally which shows as a misfire is a faulty EGR
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      Thanks for the advice Taurus, I will get the codes read again and will follow your suggestions. Will post my findings


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        I had the same problem with a misfire, after replacing coil and plugs again, I haven't had the problem since. I Always carry a code reader as I find clearing the code sorts it out until you are able to get home and then sort it. That is, if we've had the same problem. Keep us posted

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