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Break noise at low speeds

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Break noise at low speeds

    Hi,I recently bought a Corsa D (08 plate, 35,000 miles) used from a main dealer (Eden Vauxhall). Every time I break (especially at low speeds), the car makes this really bad noise. I'm not sure how to describe the noise, it sounds like a grr kind of grinding noise.

    Now, since this is my first car, I'm not sure exactly how to describe the noise it makes when braking and I also do not know if the noise is meant to there or not. Since I bought from a main dealer I assumed they would have run their checks on the car and made sure everything was okay, e.g break pads, etc.

    I've done some research into this (other people who have had similar issues) and I'm getting mixed replies. Some people on the forums say it's just rust and the more your drive the more it should go (especially as its cold and rainy weather currently here in the UK)? Others are saying that it maybe a fault and to take it to a garage.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the forum

    It does sound like rusting. In damp conditions it can form over-night on some cars and may get a worse if the car is not driven for a while or you are naturally very light on the brakes.You can normally see it on the disc rotors. It should go away (rubbed off) after a couple of reasonably firm brake applications. But you may have light rusting again the next morning.

    It can be a problem in cars that do not cover much mileage . Rust builds up to the point where its abrasive enough to damage the discs , and moving parts can get clogged.

    Its a good idea on any car to occasionally brake much harder than you usually do. It helps keep the brake parts moving smoothly.

    The car might just have been sitting a while on a damp forecourt.

    But there are other possibilities . If the noise does not go away after a bit of firm braking, or you are at all concerned get the dealer to check the brakes.
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      As above, all cars will do this for the first few applications of the brakes during damp weather conditions. They will do it more if left for longer periods. It should stop after the first few applications of the brakes. If it is only at slow speed then chances all that's all it is. If it does it after several applications of the brakes it may be due to the friction material used in the pads. There was a period when Vauxhall a problem with brake pad material but most should have been changed by now.

      The other possibility is that some pads use a metal tab which touches the disc when the brake pad material wears low. A main dealer ought to have checked the pads had plenty of material left on them before selling a car, but not all main dealers are on the ball. If the noise continues after the first couple of applications and it is quite loud then get the pads checked as they are literally down to the last millimetre of material left by the time the wear indicator starts making a noise.
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