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Corsa D 1.3cdti 2008 will not warm start after short journey.

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa D 1.3cdti 2008 will not warm start after short journey.

    Hi - any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
    My daughters Corsa Deisel drives great, but has this really annoying warm start/short jouney problem.
    It always starts from cold without issues at all.
    After a 5/10 minute journey, it will either go into limp mode....OR....crank twice then nothing. Release & turn the key again - it cranks twice again, then stops cranking. Wait for between 10 - 20 minutes, and it starts fine!

    SO. We have changed the fuel filter & air filter. Cleaned the EGR valve (even though it wasn't sticking)
    Did not help.
    THEN. Changed the crankshaft sensor. The old one was obviously split so we thought yay - that will do it.
    Unfortunately not.
    THEN. New battery, and a hard reset of the ECU.
    Still the same problem.

    Any suggestions on what we try next?

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    If it is going into limp mode then it must be throwing a fault code. You've done the obvious so the next step is to read the codes and report back what you find.
    1972 Viva restoration thread -


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      I'd be tempted to say temp sensor