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C20xe r1 bike carbs

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] C20xe r1 bike carbs

    Hello I am planning to run my c20xe on bike carbs after Christmas and need a bit more information on them. I am planning to run them on just a cav dizzy and keep the costs down.

    1. Can I use my old throttle cable?
    2. What size do I need for the carbs 40s?
    3. Will I need a Manuel choke if so how do I do that?
    4. Does the carbs fit in a corsa b with out any modification to the bulk head?
    5.whats the best fuel pump to buy
    6.where does the breathers go and the break servo
    7. What does the engine idle at with out the sensors?

    if anyone could answer any of these question that be great, thanks in advance
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