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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa d egr valve

    Hi every one, my first post here after buying my misses a 08 plate corsa d 1.3 cdti.

    I have had code p0400 pop up three time within a week.

    I've turned the light off no problem so it's a temp fault.

    Any advise on changing the egr valve and ones not to but etc.

    Thanks for any advice in advance,


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    I'm also interested in knowing what kind of mpg to expect, at the moment I think it's returning around 55mpg tops.


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      Welcome to the forum. I cant help with the egr valve, but mpg may improve a bit once its sorted. Mpg depends how and where you drive . I have a 2010 1.3cdti in Bulgaria. I average about 65 mpg on gentle' A' roads and a bit of town driving. Crossing the Thracian plains keeping to about 100kph (lots of speed traps here) it can go over 70mpg. But in town, in the mountains, or driving with a bit more wellie its probably under 60mpg.


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        Thank you for your reply, yes I think my mpg could be improved.

        Egr valve doesn't seem to be a constant problem but I don't know what the tolerances are for it to through a fault code.