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Corsa d 1.7cdti limp mode help

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa d 1.7cdti limp mode help

    Hi I have a 2007 corsa d got a intermittent problem when driving on the motorway around 75/85mph the car will go into limp mode the orange car with spanner light is constantly on unless I turn car off when In limp mode the car will run fine until the light comes back on only seems to happen on the way to work never on the way home some days it's fine sometimes it will go into limp 2/3 times in 20 mins had a friend plug it into his computer but no codes at all I have removed and cleaned the egr valve and the map sensor also replaced the mass airflow sensor just wondering if any of you have had it have this problem and any ideas I what to try next thanks in advance

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    I am confused - you say you've cleaned the MAP and replaced the MAF - they either have one or the other, not both. Can you confirm what engine you have - a photo of it would do.
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      Changed the maf sensor by the air box and the sensor on the inlet must be the boost pressure sensor ???

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        If the EML is on there will be a code in the ECU. Not all generic readers will scan all the codes. You may want to invest in Opcom, dirt cheap and the best bit of kit for checking Vauxhalls. It reads live data as well so you can spot what glitches when the EML comes on. Easiest way to track down a fault that appears like that.
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          No eml on just the orange car with the spanner through it had a friend with the new snap on reader look at it but no codes starting to do my head in now !


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            On the D the orange light shaped like an engine is the emissions warning. The car with a spanner is the engine management warning. It will light with ignition when a service is due. If it lights whilst the engine is running, and triggers the limp mode, there is an engine management fault. If the ecu has gone into limp mode there will be a code in there. As said, even good generic readers won't always find codes in the Vauxhall system.
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              Just found a split in the pipe coming out the wastegate could that cause the issue??


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                Could you use the Brake/Throttle method to retrieve the code?

                ie, Press brake and Throttle pedal all the way to the floor and then switch the ignition on. Count the number of times the management light flashes. Does this work on the D?


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                  Originally posted by Kingbagpuss View Post
                  Just found a split in the pipe coming out the wastegate could that cause the issue??
                  Sounds probable.

                  Pretty sure the D doesn't have the facility for the pedal test. Anyone with one tried it and know different?
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                    Iv tried it myself but couldn't make any sense of the flashes just seems to flicker a lot I had a Vauxhall tech plug it in and has come up with over boosting code and has reset it checked the turbo and says it's fine actuator is fine also he thinks it's sticks sometimes making it over boost and go into limp mode


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                      To get the codes using the Brake/Throttle method

                      STEP 1:

                      Press both the throttle and brake pedal together and the way to the floor

                      STEP 2:
                      With both pedals pressed, put your key in the ignition and turn it on so all the lights on the instrument panel come on. But do not start the engine

                      STEP 3:
                      Once done, the spanner light will start flashing.

                      READING THE CODE

                      if you don’t have any code(s) stored it will start flashing and keeps on flashing until you release the pedals

                      if you do have codes is will flash a number of times with a pause between each group of flashes.

                      if it flashes 10 times it means the number is '0'
                      if it flashes 1 time it means the number is '1'
                      if it flashes 2 times it means the number is '2'
                      if it flashes 3 times it means the number is '3'

                      for example code P0110
                      the light will flash ten times then pause, flash once, pause, flash once, pause, then flash ten times

                      if you have more than one code there will be a longer pause between each code


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                        I can't make sense of the lights can I post videos on here ?? I'll post one up if I can


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