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ABS Sensor cable

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] ABS Sensor cable

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    Sounds odd to me.

    Alternators do not fully charge flat batteries. The older dynamos did which is why people think that a car with a flat battery can be driven and then the battery will be fully charged. On modern cars if they are used infrequently the battery will lose its charge due to the number of small current drains operating when a car is standing. The only way to keep the battery from losing charge is to give it a trickle charge using a charger. Bear in mind also that a very flat battery will drop below 12v and then neither a normal charger or the alternator can charge them. You need to 'prime' the battery using a very low current - a gel cell charger running at below 500Ma usually works. It only takes a couple of hours to raise the voltage enough for a normal charger to take over.

    Once an engine is running you can remove the battery as the engine will run off the alternator - so it is possible your alternator wasn't producing enough current - but that's got nothing to do with ABS sensors.

    No way of knowing what the issue is with the ABS cable - it depends where it was cut and how clean the cut is. It is not unknown for animals to chew through them - squirrels like chewing cables. I seem to remember a spate of foxes chewing brake hoses a whole back.

    If your wife's car spends a lot of time standing idle I'd look at some way of giving the battery a charge once a month. Batteries don't like being left to discharge over a long period.
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      A couple of points here:
      Mr Jones. It isn't possible to charge the batter with jump leads from another car - OK, the other car will provide a charge, but as soon as its own battery voltage comes up, the charge rate will be reduced to a level which is too low to charge your battery.

      Taurus. Not too happy with the idea of removing the battery from a running motor - It MAY be OK at idle speed, but it isn't something that I would recommend, as the voltage could go dangerously high.



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        That wasn't a suggestion, simply a statement of fact to illustrate that once running it is the alternator that provides the power used. The OP mentioned that the garage had suggested replacing the alternator which he didn't seem to understand why they'd suggested it.
        1972 Viva restoration thread -