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Steering intermediate sharft upper clamp bolt

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Steering intermediate sharft upper clamp bolt

    Hello people I'm a new to the site.
    I have just been given a corsa 2003 1.2 16v from my family with 35000 miles and full service history. she had a rattle in the steering so I went on line and I had a look at the upper steering clamp bolt and it was a tad loose nipped her up using a socket that just fitted , so I need some help .
    what sort of socket is it and what size, is it better changing the bolt if so does anyone no the part number or where I can source one from or could I just undo the old one and put some lock tight on it .

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    It'll be a torx bolt. Can't remember what size off the top of my head but if you're going to run a Corsa you'll need to invest in a set of torx sockets and they aren't expensive.

    I'd tighten it and see how it goes before messing about with a new one. But if you do want a new one you'll need to pop into a main dealer parts dept - to be fair their prices are usually pretty reasonable. Alternatively remove the old one and just find a decent quality bolt that fits.
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        You run into this kind of thing quite often when working on cars. Sometimes you have to put quite a lot of common sense and logic into it. Washers of the wrong type, or not seated properly.Clamps that are apparently tight but have merely reached their minimum size just before tightening onto whatever they are clamping. Wrong thread pitches, wrong strength material, wrong torque, wrong locking method.Thread on wrong end,etc etc.


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          I realise that but I just thought I should raise awareness for anybody who can't get rid of the slight looseness.

          Given the fine spline it's not impossible that in this case, in time it could result in the loss of steering, especially since it's downstream of the PAS unit and consequently subject to quite a bit of torque.


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            I did not intend it to come across as disparaging of your useful post.�� I now realise how it could be interpreted that way. Very sorry.

            I was just trying to expand on the theme to include other areas of the car, where sometimes you have to do what you did, give it more thought and analyse what is wrong.

            It is useful when someone takes the trouble to share details when they have solved a problem.
            Please dont let this put you off for the future.

            edit. The question marks should have been a 'speak no evil' monkey imoji.
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              No problem Bugman! My latest (petrol) Corsa is full of them! Could probably write a book about it but nobody would believe it... LOL Some people should be banned from owning spanners! Just for starters it had been fitted with a new diesel subframe, the front engine steady was gradually wearing it's way through the cat! A simple bash with a hammer fixed it, before I got underneath with a grinder and removed the offending bracket.

              Perhaps I'm just a bit sensitive, I've recently been effectively hounded off a forum by some unfriendly, rude people and still smarting a bit. No offence taken, I can see where your coming from.

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                Thats one of the advantages of torx bolts.Sort of child proof locks. Its a pity there isnt an effective one for the internet.
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