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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] changing engine wiring loom

    re. my ongoing issues with oil in the wiring, I'm thinking of swapping the engine loom for a secondhand one. Is this a difficult job? I'm assuming the ECU remains in the car and you just swap the loom?

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    Not difficult - just make sure you are systematic or chances are something will be left unplugged. Check the replacement loom carefully. There are a lot of butchered ones around and you don't want to find out after you've fitted it.
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        The ECU will ignore the O2 sensors when cold and also when on full throttle - obviously because in those conditions the exhaust gases are bound to be out of parameter. I had a Land Rover doing exactly the same thing a couple of years back - turned out it was oil in the wiring loom. Replaced the loom and it was fine again.

        If you've got a spare good loom I think I'd fit that before buying new O2 sensors.
        1972 Viva restoration thread -


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          well I'm getting a news (used) loom tomorrow off same year/ engine car as mine so hopefully that will sort it. The guy selling it assures me its dry so I will look out for any butchery!

          re. land rover - was that the TD5? lots of reports on the net about that issue.....


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            Hi SXIcorsa

            Good idea to change the loom.

            Thought i'd let you know that today i thought i noticed a misfire. Checked the codes. Got 0141 and 0136. I'll bet it's my downstream O2 sensor. Will lift the car is a couple of days to check. The sensor was new on August 12 and the socket cleaned out on August 18 and again on August 27. Taken till now for new codes to appear.

            For info . . .


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                Sounds like a good theory. Will do some reading on that.

                Lifted the car today. Only a very little oil in the connector, so little i could barely see it. So the theory might have some validity

                Good luck
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                  see Page 3, long post by member called 'television'

                  Oil in the wiring loom w203 c class - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums


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                    Fascinating read. Makes a lot of sense Thanks


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                      How did the loom replacement go


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                        Hi Geoff, its still on my to do list! I fitted the 2nd hand front 02 sensor 2 weeks ago I bought from the place I bought the loom from which cost me a tenner and engine works perfectly. I figure that I may have 6mths before it plays up again...

                        How is yours running?


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                          So far so good. Did a preventative clean out of the connector of the downstream O2 sensor last week. To date no codes.