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  • [All Models] stalling

    I've just bought a 1.2 2005 twinport for my once son as his first car. 47000 miles, serviced at least once a year. All round lovely well looked after little car.

    The only problem is when you first pull away after starting it sort of judders, then at every junction it stalls. Any suggestions please?

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    Clutch judder is a known issue with them. Usually due to contamination on the clutch plate but it should clear after a couple of starts.

    Stalling could be the clutch not disengaging, see if it does it if he knocks it into neutral before stopping. Or it could be the throttle body is sticky. The engines have a tendency for the breather system to dump gunk into the throttle body if they're used round town a lot. I'd try giving the throttle body a clean with carb cleaner.
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