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Loud Creaking Noise When Turning

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Loud Creaking Noise When Turning

    As the title says, I'm not too sure whats wrong with it but I have noticed that when the weather is quite warm outside the noise seems to disappear, I have uploaded a little clip (below) to try and show the noise as I can't explain what it sounds like.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Hard to tell on a video played on my phone. Get some glossy magazines under the front wheels and ask a Nate to turn the steering lock to lock. You ought to be able to track down where the noise is coming from that way. The magazines make the wheels turn easier.
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      Welcome to the Forum.

      I couldn't really hear it either.
      If you do as Torus suggests and you hear the noise, it will be suspension related.
      If you can't hear it, then it may be a wheel bearing or a driveshaft.
      If you think that it is a driveshaft/wheel-bearing, try some figure '8' turns in a car park and see if you can identify which side it is coming from.
      Noises from WBs will be more noticeable as the weight of the front end goes onto it during cornering, whereas the drive shaft couplings would tend to 'click' whilst turning.
      It would also pay to jack up the front end, PUT IT ON AXLE STANDS and have a look around for anything that has come loose - I had a ABS sensor lead rubbing on the driveshaft earlier this year.



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        I can hear it on my desktop but I am none the wiser. It sounds a bit like the noise you can sometimes get from aftermarket hub caps if the wire spring that runs round the circumference of the cap is loose.But these would normally rattle even in the straight ahead position not just when turning. If you do have hub caps it might be worth removing the cap to see if the noise goes away.

        If it is this tensioning wire it may just have come loose from one of its plastic retaining lugs. If necessary you can make the wire a tighter fit by increasing its diameter slightly by bending the wire to reduce the bulge where it fits round the tyre valve.