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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Clutch cable adjustment

    Hi there,

    I looked at the tutorial for clutch cable adjustment, but my cable has a slightly different end on it. Is this adjustable? And how does it adjust?

    Best regards,
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    The spring loaded bit turns to adjust. Sorry it's brief, I'm halfway up mountain at the moment. I
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      Hi, Welcome to the forum.

      I think what Taurus was saying before he was eaten by a yeti is that you turn the whole spring mechanism including its cage to make the adjustment. The spring thingie gives enough free play on the cable to enable the curved bit of the cage that sits in the curve of the clutch arm to swivel. There will be a bit of resistance at first but it should 'click' round. It looks like there may be something threaded onto the rod on the other side of the clutch lever that may need to be loosened off first.The rod will want to turn as well. There is normally a hex or flat where the rod joins the cable so you can use a spanner to hold it steady. If not you will need to use pliers,mole grips etc on the unthreaded part.


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        Make sure that you don't overdo the adjustment.
        Most people only look at this when they have a problem selecting gears - meaning that there is too much free play in the cable, but they then tend to 'kill it with kindness' and get rid of ALL of the free play, resulting in possible clutch slip and consequently a shorter life for it.
        If you aim at about 6mm 'free play', you will be about right.
        As the friction material wears down, the clearance will reduce.