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Cam belt replacement - timing?

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Cam belt replacement - timing?

    I've just bought a 2000 CDX with less than 27K miles.

    It last had a cam belt done in 2011.

    Apparently this should be changed every 4 years.


    Who here thinks that I need to get this done soonish, given that the car has done about 6K since it was changed? Do belts really deteriorate that much over time these days?

    Many thanks


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    Hmmm - this is a bit like asking how long a bit of string is? There's different ways of looking at it:

    1. Should belts be changed on age as well as mileage - yes. They do weaken with age and Vauxhall had some bad experiences with belts going earlier than they originally thought so they went precautionary on their service schedules.
    2. Will it snap if not changed - probably not to be honest. But note the above and you make your own decision.
    3. Should you do it? Well if it is a cheap old car not used as your main means of daily transport for work - ie reliability isn't top priority - then you might well want to take your chances. It also depends if you're doing it yourself or having to pay a garage. I'd do a belt myself (always buy genuine belts from somewhere like Autovaux) so it wouldn't cost much to do. If you're paying top dollar at a workshop then for a cheap runabout you might feel differently.

    I'd work on the basis that unless the service history shows the belt was last changed at a Vauxhall dealership then it's probably not a genuine item. Safer to assume that way round.

    If you're planning on keeping the car any length of time then you're going to need to do it at some stage so I'd do it now and then at least you can cross that of your list of things to worry about.

    Finally - a 2000 CDX with 27k on it - if that's in nice condition you're a lucky lucky person.
    1972 Viva restoration thread -


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      Many thanks for that. AS my second hand Haynes manual came this week I may look at doing it myself.

      As to condition - yep, in very nice condition, inside and out. The only external issue was one of the rear doors had seen close encounters with a post or something, with a few scratches in it, which had cause a rust bubble in one corner. But thats been rubbed down, rust converted, primed and resprayed. Not perfect, but a lot better.

      The only other issue is the alarm is reporting a fault (hazard flashes for 10 seconds after activation rather than constant on) but long way down list .

      It polished up nicely elsewhere. I'll try to get a piucture at some point on here.

      Bring back happy memories - first car was a 77 Chevette, so this is only 2 models of Vauxhall small car from that.



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        Link to photo


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          Smart looking motor!