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  • [All Models] Brakes problem!

    Hi all.

    On saturday i was driving down the M1 and my brakes just wouldnt work. They went to the floor did have some resistance eventually so i did stop.
    Got mobile mechanic out yesterday.. said there was no evident leak bit because the car had been stood a while before I got it it could be down to that.. although had it for around 3 to 4 weeks now. He said there was slight corrosion to discs with a bit of rust evident. It hasnt done it since until this morning. However this time it didnt seem to go down as much and there was definitely more resistance than previous. Any advice or ideas what could be causing this issue? Any help is much appriciated.

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    Hi. Welcome to the forum

    If your foot pedal went to the floor, even once, you have serious problem with your brakes. They are very dangerous and I would not drive the car,even to get it to a garage.

    Lack of use can cause problems with brakes rusting up but the symptoms then are normally uneven braking, and grinding noises from rust. The pedal should not go to the floor. This would be due to air in the system or lack of fluid, either as a result of a leak,or the air has not been properly bled out during repairs. There may be other mechanical reasons that could also cause this .Others may be able to advise better on this. But whatever has caused it the common factor is DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR until it has been fixed by a competent mechanic. And unless he was not given the full symptoms I would question whether the mobile mechanic you consulted is the best choice.


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      As above - Do NOT drive the car.

      Get it to a competent mechanic or get him to come to it

      I would not even drive t to the mechanic.

      Did you check the brake fluid resevoir to see if it is full?

      In any event , get it to a mechanic


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            If you give your location, someone on here may be able to help in suggesting a comptent and fair mechanic.

            Brakes are critical - get them checked and do not drive the car until the problem is solved