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Corsa C 2002. Flashing F doom?

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa C 2002. Flashing F doom?

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    Hi Welcome to the forum
    Sorry to say this but easytronic cars are a nightmare. Most end up being scrapped well before their time. Repairs to the auto clutch are likely to cost more than a 2002 car is worth . The parts are expensive and a lot of labour is involved . Even if expensive repairs are carried out the car will always be less reliable than a manual version. It features extra 'safety' features to prevent it being started if a fault is detected. As you have found this could be something seemingly unrelated and could strand you.

    Were the repairs and parts related to easytronic clutch system? If so they are long enough ago that you would probably have difficulty having any comeback for the repairs but recent enough that the seller might claim he was unaware it could again be faulty. If repairs were unrelated then they are not relevant.

    I would try and cut your losses and see if you can get your money back. If the seller was a dealer,or you suspect he may have been, contact your trading standards department for advice.

    I hope someone else will be able to make more positive comments.


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      Regretfully I think Bugman has said all that can be said. Easytronics are notorious for this kind of issue.

      It is likely the seller knew there was an issue, but can you prove it? If they were a dealer you've got some comeback. If it was a private sale it is still against the law to sell an item that is know to be faulty - but you'd need to be able to prove it in a small claims court.

      If it is the clutch actuator then sadly it's not worth repairing. But there is also an inhibitor switch which can cause similar issues if it sticks. That's not so bad but you'd need someone to remove the gear control shroud to get at the switch and check it.
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        Are you fully sure that the rear bulbs are working?