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2012 vauxhall corsa 1.4 exclusiv AC

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  • [All Models] 2012 vauxhall corsa 1.4 exclusiv AC

    Hello,I bought this in June and I am pleased with it.Does anyone know what engine type is fitted and does it have a drive belt or drive chain.Best wishes.

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    It's an engine they've been using for many years, originally a Suzuki design fitted since the mid 1990's to the 1.0 and 1.2, later enlarged to include the 1.4 and made into the dualpoint version.

    They all use a timing chain which needs lots of good clean oil. Change the oil and filter every 5k and the chain usually lasts 100k plus with no problem. Chain noise isn't uncommon and they can run noisy for a long time. But if the chain slips the engine is wrecked.

    Avoid cheap oil filters, they can break up in the housing and block the feeds.

    Keep a close eye on the coolant level. There is a weak point behind the water pump where the timing cover gasket forms a seal. Not a frequent issue but when they leak coolant gets into the oil and it looks like headgasket failure. If left the engine will then overheat and they will not survive running too hot. The head, and even the block, can warp which isn't good news.

    In general it's a good engine, just that they have made it for so long its few weaknesses are now well known. As ever, the trick is good maintenance.

    Engine code is z14xep - or may be something slightly different, I lose interest in remembering all the code changes over the years.
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      Hello Taurus,Many thanks for such a full and detailed reply.I got it MOT,D last week but the tester could not tell me much about it, although he did say it had a timing chain and I would know it needed changing because it would start to rattle when I started up.I will get the oil and filter changed this week.Best Wishes,JamesH.


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        A slight rattle on start up isn't unusual on them so don't panic if it happens. It's when they get noisy all the time that you need to start thinking about replacing. A harsh rattle on start up is another thing of course.
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