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Noisy clutch/transmission. Not smooth.

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Noisy clutch/transmission. Not smooth.

    Hi all,

    About a month ago I noticed that the car's transmission was less smooth along with a groaning/clicking noise when bringing the clutch back up after changing gear. It seems to be coming from the back end of the car, although I'm not 100% sure on this. It was noticeably between 1st and 2nd, although it has been occasionally between 2nd and 3rd. It's very apparent when coming out of a junction, where quick gear changes are needed to gain speed. In addition to this, I've noticed that when the car is stationary and in neutral with the engine running, the clutch makes a much more noticeable noise. When depressing and then releasing the clutch there is another clicking/clanging sort of noise coming from the front of the car. I am able to change the intensity of the noise with how fast I bring the clutch up. So in other words, if I basically just let the clutch come back up on its own, it's a very loud clicking/clatter noise where as if I gently bring it up, the noise is barely noticeable.

    The car lurches forward and is in general very juddery after changing gear and just isn't as smooth as it has been before. It's a 2004 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2.

    I've checked the fluid level for the clutch/brake systems and it seems to be fine. The only thing I do need to top up is engine oil although would this be having any effect on the problems I'm having?

    The garage seems to be the obvious place to go but does anyone have an idea as to what these noises could be? Many thanks.

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    Could be the release bearing in the clutch - hard to say from the description. Or it could be wear in suspension or engine mounts that is affected as you take up drive. There are all sorts of things that could cause the kinds of things you're describing.

    How much oil are you using? It could be getting into the cylinders - look for white/blue smoke either on acceleration, or on first starting and then again after idle. The former is rings/bore wear, the latter is valve stem oil seals. Or it could be a leak - check the sump for signs of oil seeping. Check also the oil pressure sensor top left of the engine, they often fail and if left oil can get into the electronics which causes all sorts of issues. Or you may be losing oil through a crank seal and it's getting onto the clutch which will cause judder. You don't need to lose a lot for the clutch to judder.

    Judder can also be worn engine mounts.
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      Ok thanks for the reply, I will check this all today. Would it be an idea to fill the oil back up and then regularly check it?

      Ive noticed that with the hotter weather recently, these things are much more noticeable although whether the heat has anything to do with it, I am not sure.