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  • [All Models] Stereo

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    Academically, There seems to be conflicting opinions as to whether these Corsa C models need a code

    Another post on here recently said he needed a code too

    I have a 05 Corsa C and the radio did not need a code when I disconnected the battery for days.

    I speculate that it could be some heads are from Blaupunkt and some from another manufacturer or maybe differences in the ECU or its software

    The radio/CD model of mine is CD30 (on fascia). It is not on the fascia as to whether it is a blaupunkt or not.

    To your specific problem:

    Which model of radio/CD is yours?

    You may not be in the correct mode to enter the code - are you doing it correctly? There are certain button combinations used to actually access the code entry point - usually pressin 'AS' and the power on button simultaneously for a number of seconds.

    At that point the radio should BEEP and the screen/info display should show - - - - indicating four digits can now be entered.

    Then there is a method of entering the digits - not just pressing the numbered buttons (if any) on the fascia.

    In the case the '4' is indicating the number of attempts you have left to enter the correct code. Not sure - but after which I believe it has to be recoded by the manufacturer

    Have a thorough look in the documentation you have (if any) with the car for the 'Safe pass' or 'safe code'. It is four digits.

    You can also read out the code using the diagnostic tool OPCOM (at least I could on an 05) - it should cost you about the same as OPEL require for entering one code but you will have it for diagnostics in the future.

    That is probably what the GBP 32 is only for - to read out and enter the code. Next time you take the batter off, you may be in trouble again.

    You can buy OPCOM on ebay

    Alternatively, there are software calculators on the Internet into which you enter the serial no of the unit and it gives a code but you may have to take it out to find the serial no.

    There may be no gaurantee that the calculators will give you the correct code and you only have 4 tries left.
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      Hi and thank you for the reply.

      I have tried the method using the AS key following the guidelines online, I do have the book and a code but it seems the previous owner has locked it so no numbers can be entered at all

      Thanks for your support I will look into the link reference the software