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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa C Workshop Manual in pdf

    Dear all

    Am looking to buy (English version) of Workshop Manual (in searchable pdf) for my car but cant find anything that is able to be bought and downloaded in Germany

    Car is Corsa C 2004 1.0 12V Z10XEP

    Any links/sites would be helpful. Sorry if this has been asked before


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    The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for the hard copy of the Haynes Manual 4617 which covers your model is 978 1 84425 617 4 if that is of any help.
    I have just seen a 'pop-up' advertisement near your posting for free PDF instruction manuals by A to Z Manuals, but have no idea how good they are, or if they cover your model.


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      Dear walksall

      Thanks for the ISBN. it was a huge help. I'll order the manual. Don't like the freebie downloads. Not ethical in my humble opinion.



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        The last pdf manual I looked at was intended for professionals. It assumed availability of car lifts and listed the special tools that will be required but gave very little about how to actually do the job. It also said things like 'lift bonnet' which seemed obvious,but of course a pro can save time if he knows there is no need to do so.

        A Hard copy Haynes manual is much more user friendly and useful for a diy mechanic.

        Best buy is a used copy from a private seller (who in your case is willing to post outside the uk.)

        Some say they wont but might actually post to germany if you ask nicely.You may need to tell them how to change the listing settings to enable your bids.Otherwise the bid might still go through ebays own scheme which is very expensive. (Seller posts to a uk based agent who tranships it to germany).


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          Thanks. I found an seller from the UK that agreed to post to the Hard copy Haynes manual version to Germany.

          Thanks for the input