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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Need some opinions

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    Tell her to keep cool.

    Gather your evidence.

    As you say yourself, you have not been near it - so it is even more difficult for us here to decipher what is going on/has happened.

    You state you have a code reader.

    Find out what the codes are and report back.

    Be aware that the may be old codes.

    If you have a reader, it may indicate that you are mechanically adept (?)

    Are you SURE it has been serviced correctly and thoroughly or are you only depending on the word of said garage?

    A quick indicator **may** be to take off the air intake and inspect the air filter if clean or dirty.

    If dirty, odds are no service, if clean (and new - not blown out with air) it may or may not have been serviced.

    Is the oil viscous? Does it smell very burned (indicating old)? Was it amber in colour at the time of the service (if checked)?

    ***If*** it were the timing chain, it would have been getting noisy over time (though this may have been imperceptible to an untrained ear) - do you know if this is the case?

    A noisy chain may indicate lack of services/oil changes. Do you have any service history?

    By right, these engines need an oil change every 6000 miles or once a year.

    What is the year of registration of the Corsa C? Mileage? Had it long?
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      providing that they have used a genuine GM chain kit and not some aftermarket rubbish.

      It might pay to check with the Trading Standards Department at your local Council, and see if they know anything about this garage.

      Did the garage window survive?