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Air/Running system problems still exist

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Air/Running system problems still exist

    The story continues with a new thread . . .

    In a traffic jam in the city on Saturday, car coughed once and lost all power. Limp mode i suspect but no warning lights other than Exhaust Emission light. Autoclub man came and found 2 small holes in the larger engine ventilation pipe. (an animal called a Marten (Marden) likes to chew these pipes. I cant recall seeing the holes before). Wrapped the pipe in gaffer tape, cleared the codes, which got us the remaining 400km home.

    Car ran really well actually, better than it had for quite a while. Then Exhaust Emission light comes on pulling into the driveway after 400km. Grrrr

    Sunday morning, started the car and the revs go up and down like a yoyo. Thought maybe the MAF is on the way out. Pulled out the MAF and cleaned it out with contact cleaner. Revs all OK. Took it for a drive and pushed it. All seems OK but, and maybe my imagination, not so responsive.

    Exhaust Emission light still on and codes are as flows. Based on the last few weeks these codes are not a surprise


    But have ordered a new Bosch MAF and both ventilation hoses, the smaller one was looking a bit old.

    Any hints please about anything else would be appreciated.

    Many thanks for the forums patience with this.



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    'Marder' can be a real problem there.

    I knew a friend who had problems with his car (not Corsa) and in the end they traced it to a minute damage caused to the wiring by these animals.

    So you might want to inspect the wiring too.

    I knew of another VW camper that everytime you passed it, it emitted a high pitched tone - to scare them off.

    If there were holes in the breather pipes, then it is throwing out the fuel mix, as you probably know.

    Have you any other vacuum leaks?

    You can check by running the engine and spraying carb cleaner around the intake hoses/pipes etc especially were they are clamped together.

    The engine should 'rev' by itself then. I only tried this once, so do not have much experience with it as to whether it is conclusive or not

    Carb cleaner *may* affect the plastics though.

    Never tried it but from reading on this forum, cleaning the Bosch MAFs is not too successful.

    Does the car run better if you disconnect the MAF?

    Did you service the car lately? inc air filter?
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      Thanks, i am going through the wiring to check. Slow process

      I don't know of other vacuum leaks but will have a look.

      I have not yet tried running with a disconnected MAF. Will give it a go and see. Will also check air filter

      Cleaning may not have been successful. A few hours ago upon starting the revs shot up to 2000 and wavered between 1000 and 2000 when idling. I had to get home so drove it about 10 metres and it settled down. Made it with a fairly sluggish engine. Idle now is normal.

      Will also order a .22 for the Marder. (joking for any greenies reading this)

      Got the car in Feb 16. It was serviced before I got it, supposedly.



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        do the easy things first - make sure it is well serviced inc clean out throttle body and the breather pipes (they can clog with oil emulsion)

        Change sparks

        Then see how it runs

        Then check MAf

        As an aside - nothing to do with the current problem - it is advisable to change oil in these engines every 6000 miles or once a year in order to maintain detergent levels in the oil and avoid blockages, which may lead to timing chain wear.


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          Whilst checking for vacuum leaks, don't forget the pipe to the brake servo.



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            Thanks for the pointers. Will check all of these