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P0120 and P0220. Can they happen simultaneously?

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] P0120 and P0220. Can they happen simultaneously?

    I had the upstream Lambda sensor changed today by the local mechanic. He had the right tool.

    I also asked him to clear the error codes. Before clearing the codes he pulled the codes that were there. I expected P0130 as i had found that with the brake/throttle method.

    But he also pulled P0170, P0120 and P0220. These didn't show up with the brake/throttle method.

    Perhaps P0170 was triggered by the Lambdasonde fault but what about P0120 and P0220? They are listed as Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch "A" Circuit and Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch "B" Circuit respectively.

    What's the chance of both these faults occurring at the same time?

    And could the code be
    triggered by the Lambda sensor fault?

    At present all codes are cleared and nothing shows up using the brake/throttle method.

    Thanks in advance

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    They were probably old codes anyway so I wouldn't worry about it unless they come back.

    P0120 & P0220 can occur together since the one that usually fails is the potentiometer on the the throttle pedal (P0120). If the throttle body throttle position sensor isn't reading within parameter because the signal from the throttle pedal is duff then it can throw P0220. Just the ECU trying to make sense of conflicting information.
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      Thanks Taurus. Have a 600km trip on Monday and didn't want to have a problem on the way.

      Fingers crossed.


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        For the future, you could get yourself a cheap OPCOM code reader to hook up to your notebook on

        Pay for itself in one code reading


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          Guys, the saga continues

          600km trip uneventful except for about 15 seconds where i did feel the engine misfire a few times. No warning lights or anything until 2km from my destination the exhaust emission light comes on.

          Using the brake/throttle method i pulled the following codes. This is the order they came out


          Had a look at code descriptions and it looks like both O2 sensors are playing up.

          Starting to thinks something a little more sinister is going on. But my experience is quite limited here.

          Ideas and/or suggested are most welcome.

          Thanks for your patience


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            The snag with all O2 codes is that is it a feedback system. They can point to a fault with the sensor itself (eg P0141 refers to the heating element system) but they can also be caused by anything that either throws the exhaust gas out of parameter or contaminates the sensors.

            Any leak in the exhaust can cause these issues, or if someone uses silicone in the exhaust on a joint. Coolant getting into the exhaust can contaminate the sensors.

            The misfire may cause out of parameter gas readings.

            Or there may be a problem with the new lambda sensor or the wiring to it. Hard to say more without being able to check the car - but I'd seriously consider investing in a code reader that can monitor live data because it's the easiest way to spot what is happening when codes are thrown.
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              Yeah your right. Hard to tell what is going on with so little data. Must get that code reader.

              I am beginning to worry that that oil has made its way into the wiring as per my post Welcome to Forum - Forums

              I do check some connectors for oil and cant see any oil.

              I'll take it back to the guy when i get home on Saturday

              Thanks for the help


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                Oil from the oil pressure sensor getting into the wiring can cause all sorts of problems. The other thing with the C model is that the ECU is prone to damp getting into it. I'd check the connections on the ECU and give them a spray with WD40.
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