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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Timing

    Hi guys I have just changed my timing chain on my 1.0 ecotec 54 plate corsa all seemed good but now it wont crank any advise please

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    Did you set the timing correctly using a timing kit - esp the phase wheel?

    Initially, I would not be attempting to start the car with the starter even if you did set timing with a kit.

    Disconnect battery, take out the spark plugs and rotate per hand a number of times - then check position again of camshafts, phase wheel and crankshaft a number of times at top dead centre (TDC) of piston no 1 (nearest chain end) .

    'Won't crank' - what do you mean exactly?

    Do you mean key in ignition and when turned nothing happens


    key in ignition, when turned, engine cranks but does not turn over (i.e does not 'fire'/Start)


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      hi im doing my timing chain and have got my engine locking pin in but my timing marks don't line up please help


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        I carnt crank manually I set the timing with tool kit but the bottom pully wasn't inline


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          I used tool kit but the bottom pully wasn't inline with timing mark when engine bar was inserted now I carnt even turn bottom pully by hand please help


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              Do NOT attempt to start the car

              **it is unclear if you have already tried to start it - please confirm as you may have already damaged it**

              ***If you feel that setting the timing is beyond you, seek professional advice - cheaper than damaging your engine totally***

              If you have Haynes manual, read the section on timing thoroughly BEFORE timing the engine. I suggest you get a Haynes manual

              The procedure would be as follows - at your own risk

              Disconnect battery

              Remove spark plugs (so as not to have compression on the engine)

              Remove camshaft case cover

              Reset timing correctly - the mark on the bottom pulley should line up with the mark on the timing case cover.

              Use a socket and ratchet/t bar to turn bottom pulley clockwise. It should turn easily once the spark plugs are out - if not there is something else wrong - STOP AND INVESTIGATE

              At this point the camshaft lobes for cylinder 1 (four lobes if 12 valve) on the inlet and exhaust shaft should be positioned looking away from the engine when viewed form the chain end.

              The camshaft timing locking tool should then be able to be inserted into the end of the camshafts if the lobes are in the correct position

              If lobes are not in correct position , turn the bottom pulley again until the marks line up again and see if the lobes are now looking away from the engine

              If the timing is totally messed up and the lobes do not come into the correct position at all and the camshaft timing tool cannot be inserted then you need to adjust the valve timing

              Lock the crankshaft at top dead centre by lining up the marks on the bottom pulley/timing case cover

              Detension the chain by inserting the pin in the tensioner

              Loosen the camshaft sprocket bolts. Turn the camshafts into the correct position using an open spanner on the hex ends at the front of the camshaft

              Lock the camshafts by inserting timing tool at end of camshafts

              Realign the phase disc using the phase timing tool.

              Tighten bolts to correct torque

              remove chain detension pin

              Remove crank locking tools

              turn crankshaft by hand until piston one is at TDC again. Insert timing lock tool again in crank

              Check position of camshafts and if camshaft locking tool can be inserted

              Check position of phase disc

              Adjust if required

              Repeat at TDC again and check again
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                How did things go?


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                    Are you using the timing kit? You need the set to lock everything in place and set the phase disc for the cam sensor on the inlet camshaft sprocket.
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