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Lots of grease around drive shaft

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Lots of grease around drive shaft

    Hi all

    [Corsa C 1.0 12 V Left Hand Drive (Germany)]

    I noticed a few drops of grey/brown coloured grease on the drive way. Had a look under the drivers side and got the shock of my like (a little exaggeration)

    I have attached a picture. It was taken on the drivers side (left hand drive) just rear of the front left tyre looking forward. The picture shows lots of grease around the drive shaft, at least i think its the drive shaft

    Please any ideas on what might be going on?

    There's no noise, shaking, knocking of any kind

    Thanks in advance


    Click image for larger version

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    The picture shows the inner end of the drive shaft (that with the boot - Manschette - on it)

    Is it grease or oil?

    If grease, then the boot may be split and is throwing out grease as it rotates. Or one of the clips is loose

    Inspect clips. Inspect boot thoroughly for cracks or splits - flex the boot to show hidden cracks in the folds of the boot

    If it is oil - check for leaks at the driveshaft oil seal behind the boot in the gearbox. Check for other oil leaks or a leak form the top of the gearbox (where the gear selector is - the gear linkage is attached to the selector).

    Transmission oil *may* have a strong smell


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      As above - it's grease from the UV joint - either the gaiter has split or the clip has come off. Looking at the splatter I'd say the gaiter has failed. They can perish or road debris can cut them.

      If the gaiter has split then buy good quality gaiters, they will come with the correct UV joint grease and proper clips. It means you'll need to remove the hub and driveshaft.

      If it is just the clip that has failed then you can inject the proper grease into the gaiter and then fit a new clip. Clean off the grease before trying to fit the new clip or it'll never stay in place. Some folks repair broken clips with cable ties, they need to be tight but not cut into the gaiter.
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          gern geschehen

          drive shaft is Antriebswelle


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            FYI, found the issue. One of the clips had failed. It had rusted and came loose. All fixed now

            Thanks for the advice


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              Job well done - good you got it in time before more damage