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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] ruptured pipe


    Hi .I have uploaded a a pic of a ruptured coolant hose. Has anyone seen anything as bad before and should i take it to a garage for repair and to have the engine checked over?


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    That isn't a coolant hose, it's the breather pipe from the camshaft housing to the throttle body, designed to vent fumes from the engine into the combustion process. The gunge you see is the emulsion of oil and water created when water mixes with the oil. In most engines there is an amount of water vapour created during combustion that gets into the oil. Usually it evaporates off when the engine reaches full temperature. In Corsas driven round town a lot it tends to build up in the cooler parts of the engine - eg the camshaft housing.

    Excess emulsion can be caused by things like a damaged headgasket or the timing cover seal behind the water pump failing.

    The oil weakens the hose which is why they can sometimes split. It would be wise to increase the frequency of oil changes to purge the water from the oil. Also clean out the cam cover housing.

    It is possible excess crankcase pressure can blow hoses - damaged rings or bores will allow combustion pressure into the crankcase. Just something to bear in mind.

    Replacing the hose is simple, but you need to check if there is reason it split other than simple being perishes.
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