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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Problems still remain

    Hi Guys,

    I'm new here and need a bit of advice/help.
    I have a Corsa 2001 1.2 and i've been having a few problems.

    First my EML came on so i put my diagnostic tool in to check for the codes and it told me it was the 02 sensors, so i changed them both, next it said it was my MAF, changed that, next it was the fuel vent valve, changed that, next was the cam and crank sensor, changed that. I then changed my ignition coil, and EGR and still my car runs crap.

    It still won't go any faster than 60 on the motorway going up hill, there's just no power.
    When i'm at a standstill the revs keep fluctuating, when i don't have my feet on the gas pedal.
    My radiator fan stays on all the time.
    If i drive my car to work and then i need to pop out for work a few hours later, she struggles to start up.

    I haven't disconnected my battery yet as i don't have a code for my radio and i need some noise in my car besides the engine running.

    I'm not a mechanic by any means, but i do love to tinker with my car, so please don't give me a load of gobbledegook techno jargon, oh and i am a girl too lol.

    Please help me xx

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    Disconnecting the battery won't clear the codes anyway.

    First thing I'd check is the battery voltage. If it is struggling to start that's a possibility. Also, low voltage plays havoc with the electronics so it is possible a nearly dead battery may be leading to the multiple incorrect fault codes you are getting.

    The other things is, when did it last have new plugs and filters? ie a full service?
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      Hi Taurus,

      Thanks for the reply. I must admit i've not had a service on the car, only had her about 6 months.
      It's the power loss that's annoying me more than the EML.
      So disconnecting the battery won't help with the power loss??


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        Nope - won't do a thing. The old 8v engines used to reset the ECU by disconnecting the battery but not the 16 engines. You need diagnostic kit to do that.

        In theory old codes should not cause problems, but I have known that to be untrue - particularly certain misfire codes due to EGR problems. However, if it hasn't been serviced then first thing is to check the battery and get a proper service done asap. Very few people service a car before selling. Most garages do an oil change and call that a service, but it isn't.
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          Hi, I saw a small program on the net that might be able to get your radio code. There is a link to download the app. This of course assumes you have this type of radio


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            Thanks grwalker,
            Don't need the code now as it keeps its memory even when the battery is off overnight. x


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              Hello, Scoobywolf6. Just a warning: disconnecting the battery will not clear the error codes on the ECU but it will block your radio. These are two different issues, You need the code for your radio. You will also need to reprogram the automatic windows. Check the manual.