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1.0 12v Corsa B sump removal

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] 1.0 12v Corsa B sump removal

    Greetings All,

    The dipstick on my 1.0 12v Corsa B rusted and broke off flush at the block, and I tried getting the remaining tube out with a bolt and slide hammer without success.

    At this point I'm prepared to drop the sump, however I've noticed that the exhaust flexpipe runs under it. Is it possible to simply remove the sump bolts and slide or manoeuvre the sump out without completely unbolting the catalyst from the exhaust manifold (with its rusty bolts that look like they'd love to break)? I can remove the rearward exhaust from the resonator to the back box without trouble, which might give the tubing behind the flexpipe a bit more wiggle room. If that makes it possible to slide the sump out and back in then I'm golden.

    Does anyone have experience removing the sump without undoing the manifold/catalyst junction?
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    I've always found it easier to drop the exhaust to be honest. Give the bolts a good soak with PlusGas and WD40 (use both in that order) - or if you don't have PlusGas use a good penetrating oil and leave overnight. They look rusted up but providing you don't go mad they usually free off. If they are stuck run the engine to get the exhaust hot and then try again. Sometimes you need to slightly tighten then a crack before loosening.
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      Thanks very much Taurus, I'll give it a go then. I'm on the continent and wasn't familiar with plusgas but I did a quick search and we have some combination anti-rust/penetrating oils for seized bolts which appear to be equivalent, and we have WD40. I'd had problems before with other makes exhaust bolts, but good to hear that based on others' experience it shouldn't be too bad on the Corsa.

      Fortunately MOT isn't until the autumn so I've got plenty time to build up the courage to do it.