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1.0 X10E revs drop when throttle pressed

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] 1.0 X10E revs drop when throttle pressed

    Hi all,

    I am really stumped by the above problem and even my local garage is too.

    It's a long story but possibly relevant so please bear with me.

    Back in April the coil pack died at and burnt out spark plug number 1. After replacing the coil, and ever since, when you press the throttle at idle, the revs momentarily drop before rising normally. If you press the pedal gently the revs rise smoothly.

    So far, I have done the following:
    New EGR
    New MAF
    Throttle body and ICV cleaned
    Diagnostics only threw a historic MAF code which did not return after a test drive.

    Can anyone please help me with a hint for what is wrong?

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    That sounds like weak sparks, when you open the throttle the mix goes rich and it needs a good spark to ignite it. By opening the throttle gently you are keeping the mix a bit leaner.

    Back in the day when ignition systems used points, which needed regular maintenance, you often found engines would need nursing from idle.

    I'd try a spare coilpack before you do anything else. The new one may be new, but that doesn't guarantee it isn't faulty. Is it a genuine Vauxhall unit?

    Also check the wiring and connections to the coil.
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      If you didn't change ALL of the spark plugs, I would suggest that you do so.



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        I'll admit that I changed only the burnt one as I had that left over from last time.

        The coil pack was a used one.

        I will ill start with new plugs then a genuine coil pack.

        Thanks folks :-)