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Bogging down /cutting out ?

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Bogging down /cutting out ?

    Its now starting to get worse and serious..

    I was dropping from 3rd to second to take a junction when id lost power, the engine was still running but i was getting no movement when pressing the accelerator, i then dropped down to first gear and was able to move off fine,

    luckily it was quiet and i was only just out the junction when it lost power,

    I will be on the phone to the mechanic later but ive been told to check ;

    air flow meter, icv, dirty fuel, blocked fuel filter, dirty spark plugs, old oil, air filter

    Out of these problems i can only think of a blocked fuel filter as thats what almost matches with my problem, shouldn't be spark plugs ? as i say it starts fine, oil isnt too old, air filter is clean, dunno how to check air flow meter and icv but ill find out,

    hoping i can sort this before i book it into the garage,

    anyone else had a similar problem ?


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    It would be helpful to know what engine, year, model - as there are a number of possible reasons but they'd vary from engine to engine, and the specifications change from year to year. (eg some engines use coilpacks, some use HT leads, some use air flow meters & some use MAP sensors. We need to know which we're looking at.)

    Also a bit more re. its service history.

    If it has an air flow meter (AFM) the easy way to check it is to simply unplug it. The engine will revert to a default setting which will run, just not at peak power or economy. So if you unplug the AFM and the car runs fine you know it's the AFM. If it runs the same you know it's not the AFM.

    ICV should affect it as you describe, it controls the idle rather than pickup at higher rpm.

    Lack of throttle response could be the throttle fly-by-wire system (if yours has it). Usually its the potentiometer on the throttle pedal rather than the one in the throttle body, but it can be either, or a bad connection between the two.

    Let us know the engine / car details.
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      Ah sorry, im quite the novice to cars but i want to give it a good looking over before i spend my money on a garage having it done, it may only be a simple thing i hope...

      I have a 2002 1.2 Corsa SXI - petrol

      Its only on 55k had a full service in February, standard apart from k&N, it has done this bogging down in the lower gears for a few months but it was just the odd time, now its doing it by the time i reach the end of my road,

      as i say im a novice to cars, what would you recommend i first check ?


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        Spoke to my mechanic and im going to get it on the diagnostics later today i think,

        i forgot to mention the engine warning light did come on weeks ago once but then quickly went off so i just passed it off as nothing,

        id really just like a basic list of things to check over before in goes it ?


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            Thanks for the help, My uncle owns a diagnostic machine but i dont want to be driving the car very far at the moment,

            The garage is going to diagnose it tomorrow, ill do as you say and give it a check over but your right i am a novice so it would probably be best just to get it diagnosed and the problem sorted, i dont think its a big job ? i mean the car starts fine, sounds fine, its simply a bogging down in the lower gears then conking out at times..

            as ive said, its been happening on the odd occasion for the last few months, now it has became daily, yesterday being the worst,

            i dont want to drive it far just in case, so it will be going to the local garage,

            by the sounds of it could it be a serious thing ? i really cant afford to foot a big bill right now.


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              If it's starting OK and sounds OK then chances are it's something not too expensive - but then nothing on cars is particularly cheap unless you can do it yourself.

              When you know what the problem is pop it on here (sadly I won't be around from tomorrow for a little while but someone will make some helpful suggestions).
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                Thank you, it will most likely get sorted on the spot even if it is a cheap fix, but ill be sure to let you know what the fault is,

                i try to fix most things myself but when it comes to the engine i think its best if i leave it to the garage


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                  Don't be put off my the presence of sensors etc on modern engines. They work on the same principles as older engines, once you understand what the various sensors do at the end of the day it's a case of getting the right air/fuel mix and a decent spark at just the right time. In the good old days that was done using carbs and points, now it's air flow meters and camshaft sensors - plus a few gimmicks to keep the emissions down - but they're not that complicated.
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                    thanks for all the help, we will soon see the fault, im hoping its something minor


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                        Nice that you got it fixed and reported back
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                          Yeah, the car is running better than it ever has, im just glad i got it fixed within the day and didn't miss any work,

                          ive had trouble in the past with an old garage who would take up to a week to fix my car.


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                            Hi all, I know this is a very old topic but what happened to #11? That post had the solution but it is blank. My car is doing the exact same thing